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Value & Vision's people development

Themes and objectives / targets

Development of global leaders (executives through the next generation)

We support the development of global leaders (executives through the next generation) with emphasis on the following two points.

  • Thinking and making decisions independently, getting the job done, and delivering tangible result

  • Performing on the global stage by collaborating with various stakeholder


Executives and middle managers / The next generation of global leaders (male and female)

Theme (1)

Promotion of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion/Development of female leaders

A corporate culture that accommodates and encourages diverse leadership styles is essential for developing female leaders. Value & Vision believes that "development of female leaders" and "promotion of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion" are inseparable and should be treated as a set of integral components. We connect these two components and address both female leaders (candidates) and managers simultaneously to change their mindsets and behavior.


Female managers (and candidates) and their bosses / Executives and middle managers / Other employees

Theme (2)

Characteristics of Value & Vision's people development

Clients' concerns and needs

Characteristics of Value & Vision's people development

Unable to apply concepts in the workplace

People learn theory and concepts in class and accumulate knowledge, but they don't know how to practically apply their knowledge in the workplace.

OJT-orientated Off-JT

Despite theoretically being Off-JT, our sessions are operated and managed in a manner resembling OJT. We work one-on-one with each participant for a long period of time and use “real” cases from each participant’s workplace as our discussion material.

Unable to maintain momentum

People find they cannot maintain their new mindset and behavior after they complete the training sessions.

Discovery and empowerment

Using coaching principles, we identify and extract each participant's potential. Leveraging our consulting experience, we raise the participant's sight line to a higher management level, thus helping them to continue to progress on their own.

Unable to connect the dots

There are a variety of programs and subjects offered in the training market, but usually each one is compiled by a different lecturer or text writer. The programs are like unconnected dots.

Continuous and consistent content

Our professionals create unique training content based on our work and our learning/teaching experience. We present concepts encompassing different subjects and ensure consistency of wording and frameworks throughout.

Too cookie-cutter

Training content is cookie-cutter and not tailored to the client's specific issues and concerns.


Our consistent, original content allows us to develop and propose program structures tailored to each client's development needs.

Japanese-English joint sessions

We would like to hold joint sessions for Japanese and non-Japanese managers in a mixture of Japanese and English languages.

Bilingual program

We can provide material and operate programs in English. We can also deliver sessions conducted in a mixture of Japanese and English without using interpreters.

Our clients

Number of clients

Manufacturing, trading, energy & utilities, telecommunications, IT, pharma, financial services, service, central government ministries and agencies, and universities

Over 40

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