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People development theme (1): Development of global leaders (executives through the next generation)

Objectives and targets

Development of global leaders (executives through the next generation)

We support the development of global leaders (executives through the next generation) with emphasis on the following two points.

  • Thinking and making decisions independently, getting the job done, and delivering tangible results

  • Performing on the global stage by collaborating with various stakeholders


Executives and middle managers / The next generation of global leaders (male and female)

Theme (1)

Approaches to "Development of global leaders (executives through the next generation)"

Prioritizing the three core elements

Establishment of leadership

Soft skills [people-related] (self/team management & communication)

Hard skills [object-related] (thinking and decision making)

We recommend two optional programs in addition to the selected content blocks so that participants will not leave with a mere accumulation of knowledge, but will learn practical applications for their everyday life.

Practical application of learning in the workplace

bring what is learned to the field and share the results with other participants

Action learning

learn effective approaches to "change" through working on specific managerial issues

What is "Action learning"?

Action learning is one method of people development. Participants, under the guidance of lecturers, work on their companies' managerial issues, as a group or individually, compile original recommendations, and make presentations to their bosses and other managers. The process usually takes several months.

The aim of this endeavor is for participants to acquire a manager's perspective and skills in logical thinking, decision making, and effective communication.

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